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Selected scholarly publications about evaluation policies

1 - AJE (2021)

Analysis of Evaluation Policies in the Philanthropic Sector

Authors: Kinarsky, Alana R. & Christie, Christina A.


Since 2007, two taxonomies have been proposed to identify the components of evaluation practice that may be specified in an evaluation policy. Little is known, however, about how these taxonomies align with evaluation policies developed by philanthropic foundations. Through thematic analysis, this paper first compares 12 foundation evaluation policies to the components of the two existing taxonomies. Based on this analysis, an updated taxonomy is proposed, with 11 components to inform evaluation policies in the philanthropic sector and beyond. The 12 foundation policies are then re-examined in relation to the new taxonomy to compare their length, breadth, and depth. The paper concludes with implications for practice and suggestions for future research.

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Kinarsky, A. R., & Christie, C. A. (2021). Analysis of Evaluation Policies in the Philanthropic Sector. American Journal of Evaluation.

Supplemental data

2 - NDE (2018)

The Evaluation Landscape: U.S. Foundation Spending on Evaluation

Author: Kinarsky, Alana R.


Foundations annually distribute over $60 billion to nonprofit organizations. In exchange for funding, nonprofits are often required to evaluate their work by collecting and sharing data that demonstrates their progress and impact. Accordingly, foundations and nonprofits represent a meaningful influence on the evaluation market. The present chapter first describes the historical development of foundations, their important role in society, and their use of evaluation. Informed by this historical account; the chapter then provides an overview of foundation spending on evaluation, detailing the number of evaluation‐related grants and funds allocated by year and by select foundations. In conclusion, the chapter considers implications for the profession and practice of evaluation and offers suggestions for future areas of research.

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Kinarsky, A.R. (2018). The evaluation landscape: U.S. foundation spending on evaluation. New Directions for Evaluation, 160, 81–96.